Each Module (of 1 day) will be assessed online. The online assessment is a test built on the learning objectives. While the test is in an "open book" format, a time limit of 45min forces  participants to apply their achieved knowledge and skills. A random function creates each test so that every single participant is assessed. The layout of the the assessments emphasis on calculations and application supplemented with theoretical questions. 

The online learning management system features the latest technology and is applicable on mobile devices as well as on desktop computers. The application has been developed in cooperation with etc, a subsidiary of the Swiss Hotel School Lucerne.


As soon as a participant passes all 5 modules of a block, a „certificate“ will be awarded. The certificate shows a first aknowledgement of the learning progress of the participant. It is granted in a specialization in:

  • Certificate in Revenue Management
  • Certificate in Digital Marketing

The order of certification is held flexible, meaning it is up to the participant with which block to start.

Passing all 15 Modules within 36 months qualifies to apply for the final examination. This examination consists of a Case study in which the candidate demonstrates how the know-ledge gained was applied in real life, and a final interview. Participants passing all exams will be awarded the Certification

„Certified Revenue Manager ECRME“. 

Participants should estimate between 12 and 18 months to complete this training.