Certified Revenue Manager ECRME

The modular Training Course is made to capture your personal training needs and to help you to achieve your career goal.

The course comprises 15 one-day modules in which participants will be introduced to the different aspects of Revenue Management. The transfer of learning to the real work environment is a crucial element of the course

Each module can be booked by itself or as a series of trainings.

The training course is divided into three “blocks” each consisting of 5 individual mo- dules. Part I focuses on Revenue Management, Part II on Distribution and Digital Marketing. Part III covers modules which can be individually selected by participants. Each Module (of 1 day) will be assessed online. As soon as a participant passes all 5 modules of a block, a „certificate“ will be awarded.

ECRME Curiculum

Passing all 15 Modules within 36 months qualifies to apply for the final examination. This examination consists of a Case study in which the candidate demonstrates how the know-ledge gained was applied in real life, and a final interview. Participants passing all exams will be awarded the Certification „Certified Revenue Manager ECRME“.

Participants should estimate between 12 and 18 months to complete this training.