The „Electives“ offer the participants the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge further or to bridge gaps in their previous education. It is very flexible and can be adapted either individually or according to requirements of the employer. A growing number of elec-tive modules offers the variety to focus i.e. on Financial Management, Leadership, Presenta-tion or Communication Skills, or a deeper dive into Reservation/ Revenue Management Sys-tems, Analytics, or Property Management Systems. For hotelchains or –groups this provides the flexibility to adapt the ECRME education ac-cording to the specific requirements and systems used in the company. Also an integration into existing training programs through a „Dual Degree“ is possible, and was already done in the past. To offer a maximum flexibility of the program, participants have the possibility to request a qualification of already passed trainings as credits for the ECRME.

Inhouse Seminars

Starting with a minimum number of 7 participants, the organisation of the ECRME as an in-house seminar/program may be feasible. Wherever possible, the tasks and examples will be replaced with the own hotel. Also a pre- and post program can be included. Kindly contact us for further information.